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With version 6 of PC Remote Shutdown, you can generate and print computer energy savings report in both the Server Software and Client Software.
In the Client Software running of a particular PC, the pc energy savings report can be generate in the Savings Page. You can chose to see the report for this month, last month or for a specific period.
You can save quite a bit of money if you try. Unplug your electronic gadgets when you’re not using them. Only use energy when you really need it– if you’re not on the phone talking to friends or on your computer browsing or sending emails, then you don’t need to have either plugged in. Every penny counts!

On the Server Software, you can generate the computer energy savings report for one or more groups of PCs via the Savings Button. A wizard will guide you through the simple process of generating the report you required.

This feature is available in version 6 of PC Remote Shutdown.