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We are glad to announce the release of PC Remote Shutdown 7 with the new Remote Shutdown Master Server.

Remote Shutdown Master Server is a much requested module that is designed to centrally manage all the Remote Shutdown Server you have deployed in your networked.

If you are interested to try the Master Server software, just email us a request and we will follow up with you shortly.

This Master Server requires version 7 of the Server and Client software.

Download the latest Remote Shutdown here

“Just wanted to let you know we’ve been using our PC Remote Shutdown software for a while now and LOVE IT. It’s helped keep our tech students focused by locking the computers betwin practical exercises and shuts down the whole tech lab at the end of the day, saving us money on our power bills. A great investment!”

Adam Leibler
Technical Trainer
Allen Tate Realtors

“I recently deployed Aquarius Soft Remote Shutdown Pro and it found it offers excellent solutions to problems that all educators with computers in their classrooms face. Additional to not only an outstanding energy conservation utility by offering scheduled shutdowns, it has other features that provide for hibernating, freezing and wake up. My personal favorite is the freezing feature. It is most helpful when I desire students to pay attention to me and not what’s “on the screen.” I highly recommend this solution to anyone with a need to totally control the learning environment.”

Brian Burch
Richmond Senior High School
Rockingham, NC

“Hi Guys just to let you know all is working really well and I am happy to of purchased from you.”

Paul Carr

“You have a good product.. best in network option and management of LAN.”

Karl Alain Arban

“I really appreciate your company for creating such a miraculous software. I was very happy to implement it in my institute. Thanks a lot.”

Don Carol Joseph

“We were so pleased with the original 100 unit purchase or Aquarius So PC Remote Shutdown, we just upgraded and purchased a complete site license for over 400+ computers on our college campus. The hardware and electrical savings alone make this a worthwhile investment for a very high ROI!”

Barry Miller
Irvine Valley College