Save Energy & Cut Your Power Bills


Do you know that by simply shutting down your computers after office hour you can save to $100 per PC annually. Imagine the amount of savings you can get if you have hundreds or thousands of PCs in your school or company

PC Remote Shutdown provides you 2 ways to automatically shutdown your computers.

Set a timer to auto-shutdown your company computers

You can setup one or more shutdown timers to automatically shutdown your networked PCs after office hours. At the preset time, a countdown dialog will be displayed on the PC to let your employee cancel the shutdown if neccessary.

Enable idle-shutdown to automatically shutdown idle computers

You can also configure your network PCs to auto-shutdown to save power when no one is using them. Idle shutdown can be set to be activated only when there is no network activity and/or when the CPU usage is below a certain percentage.

PC Energy Saving Calculator

Calculate how much you can save by using our PC Energy Saving Calculator.