Joseph Priestley College Case Study

Joseph Priestley College Significantly Reduces Their
Power Consumption, and Improves Control Over Its PC
Fleet with PC Remote Shutdown.

Joseph Priestley is a further education college based across four sites in South Leeds. Since they first opened their doors to students in 1955 they have helped thousands of people across West Yorkshire gain new skills and develop. Not only do they have hundreds of courses in their main College sites in Beeston, Morley and Rothwell. They also have courses running in the community and a dedicated Business Services Department. The College offers over fourteen different subject areas ranging in qualification level from entry to degree level. Joseph Priestley College is dedicated to meeting customer needs by providing accessible education and training within the community in a friendly and supportive environment. Whoever you are, you can be sure of a warm welcome, friendly support and professional advice.

The Business Problem

The College currently has some 400 PCs located across their different sites to provide ICT accessibility to all their students. This means that like all Further Education Colleges, computing represents a significant element in the college’s power consumption. As a caring part of the community the college was conscious of the fact that the power consumption of the PCs had a significant environmental impact, in addition to the high financial cost. Bruce Gilbert now Network Administrator was charged with investigating the market and finding a solution which would ensure that PCs were sleeping or turned off whilst not in use in the day, as well as over night. If the solution could also enhance the management control over the PC fleet, it would provide significant savings for IT.

The Business Solution

Bruce looked around and discovered Aquarius Software on the web, whose product PC Remote Shutdown was designed specifically for the academic environment and which now has hundreds of thousands of users in schools and colleges throughout the world. Bruce contacted Team Logic, who are the PC Remote Shutdown distributor for Great Britain, and Ireland who arranged a trial license, to allow the Joseph Priestley to test the software in their own environment. After a thorough investigation of the alternatives it became clear that Aquarius PC Remote Shutdown would fully meet the College’s needs. The ability to automatically schedule shutdown of PCs can be supplemented by the ability to manually power up PCs for software updates and close them down from the one console ensures greater management control, and at the same time significantly reduces electricity consumption. The “idle shutdown” feature can ensure that PCs which aren’t used for a certain period of time are shutdown automatically.

In August 2008 Joseph Priestley ordered PC Remote Shutdown from Team Logic and rolled it out across all the sites in their network to become operational in a matter of days.

“PC Remote Shutdown was relatively straight forward to deploy in our multi-site environment. It has helped us to reduce our energy consumption (CO2 and costs), and has also made IT rooms more comfortable for learners, due to less heat produced by the PCs.” Bruce Gilbert, Network Administrator, Joseph Priestley College.