PC Remote Shutdown Pro Overview

PC Remote Shutdown is a software solution that is designed to help you save energy, conduct computer lessons effectively, control PC access and remote control your networked Windows computers.

It lets you setup timers to automatically remote shutdown, remote reboot, remote clean up and remote power up your wake-on-lan computers.

In addition, it allows you to “freeze” your network computers at any time to control access to the PCs. With this feature, you can conducts computer lessons much more effectively.

Features & Benefits

Auto remote shutdown PCs can save you up to $100 per PC per year!

By simply setting auto-shutdown timers to remotely shutdown your computers after office hours, you can save up to $100 per computer annaully. For a school or company with hundreds of computers, the energy saving can be substantial.

Calculate how much you can save with our PC Energy Saving Calculator

NEW! Auto shutdown idle computers to save even more PC electricity

You can config all your network computers to auto-shutdown themselves when they are not in use for while.

One-button click to shutdown you network PCs

Once the solution is setup, you can activate any shutdown action with just one click of a button in the Server software.

The following shutdown actions are supported:

  • Shutdown PC
  • Reboot PC
  • Log off current user
  • Lock up workstation (Windows 2K and XP only)
  • Off the monitor
  • Start the screen saver

Automatic or one-button click to power up Wake-On-LAN computers

You can set your a timer to automatically power up your computers that are Wake-On-Lan enabled.

“Freezing” computers to control PC acess

You can “freeze” client PCs that you do not want others to access.

When a PC is frozen, a “freeze window” will appear and cover up the entire desktop to prevent PC usage.

Support action timers

You can configure timers to automatically trigger actions to activate in your client PCs.

For example, you can set a timer to shutdown all office client PCs at the end of the day. And after shutting down all the client PCs, you can set a timer to shutdown the server PC itself.

Broadcast text messages

You can broadcast text message to the client PCs or send text message to individual PC.

One use of this feature is to send a reminder message to your PC users that the computer room is closing down in 5 minutes time.

Support grouping of your client PCs

With group management support, you can easily manage and control your client PCs.

Timer action can also applies to a group or a single client….very flexible.

No expensive server hardware required

The “Server software” that controls all the “client PCs” can be installed and run in any networked PC to control the rest of the PCs running the “Client software”.

Server software runs as a Windows Service

You need not log into the server computer in order to control the client computers!

Fully support multi-users workstations

PC Remote Shutdown Client is designed to work well on multi-users workstation. It can be controlled by the Server software even when there is no logon or when the client PC is locked up.

Easy and fast setup of the solution

Setting up the solution is very easy and straight forward. Simply install the Server software in one PC, note down the Server settings, and then install the Client Software in the rest of the PCs.